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The pressure to prescribe for patients with personality disorder

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Editorial Board

Deborah Robertson - Consultant Editor
Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader Non-medical Prescribing, University of Chester

Omar Ali
Formulary Development Pharmacist, Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Diane Bowskill
Health Lecturer, Adult Nursing, University of Nottingham

Sarah Cheesman
Senior Lecturer in Primary Care, Bournemouth University

Molly Courtenay
Professor of Clinical Practice in Prescribing and Medicines Management, University of Surrey

Richard Griffith
Lecturer in Health Law, University of Swansea

Sandra Hall
Head of Pharmacy Practice, De Montfort University, Leicester

Alison Hobden
Lecturer, Division of Nursing, University of Liverpool

Barbara Novak
Senior Lecturer Division of Applied Biological, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences. Education Lead for Non-medical Independent and Supplementary Prescribing City University, London

Christine Otway Supervisor
Senior Lecturer in Applied Biological Sciences & Education Lead for Non-medical Prescribing, City University, London

Fiona Peniston-Bird
independent non-medical prescribing development consultant, West Sussex

Austyn Snowden
Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, University of West of Scotland

Barbara Stuttle CBE Chair
Association for Nurse Prescribing

Steve Hemmingway
Senior Lecturer in Mental Health, University of Huddersfield